Female Alcoholism: These Signs That Can Alert Us

A campaign launched by Addict Aide on Monday highlights the female alcoholism suffered by at least 500,000 French women and shows us these signs that can alert us.

"It's easy to miss a loved one's addiction." This is the message of the new campaign launched this Monday by Addict Aide, to warn about female alcoholism. It is estimated in France that between 500,000 and one million women are dependent on alcohol. Much more stigmatized by society than are men, alcoholic women are considered irresponsible mothers, light women, silly, fragile. But alcohol dependence is a serious disease, recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1978.

"The secret of Laurence"

To raise public awareness of the situation of women alcoholics who often mature in the silence of shame, the association reproduced the apartment occupied by Laurence Cottet between 2004 and 2010. Task wine on the carpet, empty fridge, broken mirrors , bottle of open perfume ... the apartment bears the story of this former alcoholic upper executive. 7000 people investigated in the places, really or virtually, to discover "the secret of Laurence". Who is she ? What happened to him ? Theories are going well: "Laurence was murdered"; "It's a vampire fighting against his natural state" ...

But none of the 7000 people understood that Laurence was in fact alcoholic. That her fridge was empty because she only ate alcohol. That his bottle of perfume served him as a reserve. That the mirrors were broken because she could not look at each other anymore. "It's easy to miss a loved one's addiction."

Recreational or excessive consumption?

How to recognize the signs? If someone around you continually needs to drink alcohol to relax, swallows greedily, covertly, or looks for situations where they have the opportunity to eat, it should alert you. If you see it unable to reduce its consumption, it is because the problem arises. Some people do not drink for a few days, but drink alcohol on weekends. Or, let them drink one or two drinks a day. In appearance, this consumption may seem harmless. But often, they would not be able to spend a day without their daily dose.

Also worry if a loved one is neglecting their work, activities, responsibilities or housework because of alcohol. It is because the drink occupies a place now too important in its life. As time goes by, the alcohol consumption of a dependent person increases more and more. It must satisfy the body that has become accustomed to it and is always asking for more. The frequency increases and the use without damage precedes the use at risk. When the body claims alcohol, it is because the addiction is installed.

Behavioral change

Since alcohol is a psychoactive product that affects the functioning of the brain, it alters the state of consciousness and the perception of things. At low doses, it provides a feeling of euphoria, excitement, helps some people to gain confidence in themselves, to disinhibit. In case of drunkenness, it can become destructive on the family, friendly, professional, sexual or even social.

An addict can shut up, isolate herself at home to drink without being spied on or judged. Conversely, drunkenness can disinhibit others and push them to commit the irreparable. An alcoholic will adopt new habits to drink, change behaviors, adapt his lifestyle to his bottle. Do not close your eyes.

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