Although Christophe Castaner says, Agnès Buzyn is right: the wine is dangerous

Politics when you hold us ... By contradicting his Minister of Health, Christophe Castaner will probably claim the voices of winemakers and alcoholics, but anger the doctors who fight daily against alcoholism.

Agnès Buzyn is certainly Minister of Health, but she remains above all a doctor and an excellent elsewhere. By declaring at the beginning of February that wine was "an alcohol like any other", it was only saying a truth that apparently disturbs. Yet it is not the alcohol content of the beverage that counts but the amount of alcohol consumed. The damage of a glass of wine, a half of beer or a dose of whiskey are the same since they bring to the body the same dose of alcohol. In sum, this damage is proportional to the quantity, regardless of the beverage.

Castaner takes up the old worn-out arguments that led, a few years ago, professors of medicine - of viticultural regions, of course - to extol the therapeutic virtues of wine. Quickly put back in place by their colleagues.

The people of Bordeaux have done better by making their regional wine a medicine against cholesterol. Here it is the Burgundians who took charge of putting them back in their place ... It is a fact that we drink culturally wine. Sheltering behind health arguments, to justify and promote it, is a crime. Alcohol and tobacco remain the two biggest killers on the planet. And probably, unfortunately, again for years. With a cost to society, which far exceeds the taxes collected and the jobs at risk.

So in the name of electoralism, to deny the words of his minister (who was only doing his job) is an act untrustworthy. Confidence that this government is currently asking voters.

And while he is there, because the voters of the North are also very numerous, Christophe Castaner should launch himself in the defense of the beer; and make it a great way to rehydrate in the elderly or sunny. But it is true that it is the voices of the Alpes de Haute Provence that interests him. He should have added the pastis to his prescription!