Football is great for your health

Football is by far the most popular sport in the world. Those who have one day fractured the shin or the foot, removed the shoulder or damaged the knee will certainly testify to the contrary. But it is true that we can say that it is an excellent physical activity.

There are indeed in football, the key words of the definition of "good sport" : endurance with fast strokes, successions of accelerations that improve heart rate and breathing. It's good, too, for resistance, muscles and balance, improving the center of gravity: just look at Lionel Messi or Kylian MBappé to understand it. Football also develops the speed and the address thus the coordination.

All this for 90 minutes which is a good duration.

A complete sport, but which requires a serious training, even for an amateur. Warm-up is absolutely necessary if you do not want to "break" at the first attack. The match must be considered as the culmination of a physical training that must be translated, including among amateurs, by at least two sessions, including one without a ball to work the endurance; jogging or bike for example.

And then, football forms team spirit, with a real "goal" common which is not an easy task, especially for shy and lonely children.

There is only one official contraindication to the practice of football. It is quite rare: mono ophthalmia, having only one eye that works; not because football requires two eyes but because it is a pretty violent sport where the risk of hurting the remaining eye is not zero.

No age limit ... theoretical!

There are senior matches, organized everywhere; especially old glories, like our world champions.

But to-Beyond the forties, as it is a sport with frequent rhythm variations, sometimes poorly supported from a cardiac point of view, a medical examination, especially for an ultrasound, is imperative.

Then watch out for confrontations with younger people. We stay between seniors. All who do not obey this rule, pay the price, with sprains and fractures. The Sunday "clowners", as a family, know something ...

Football is also a sport to advise women; and they do not deny it! As a precaution, sensitive areas are not in the same places and will be protected differently.

A word about the equipment. Even outside matches of good shoes and shin guards are a minimum. Without forgetting to protect the hips of the guards if they are divers ...

Video: Healthy Football Players-Mayo Clinic (November 2019).