Explosion of violence against doctors: more than 1000 assaults per year

1035 doctors declared to have been accredited in 2017, according to a new study of the National Council of the Order of Physicians (Cnom).

Flights, insults, spitting, beatings, sexual assault ... if the phenomenon is not new, the violence against French doctors have never been so high. According to a study by the National Council of the Order of Physicians (CNOM) unveiled by Le Parisien, more than 1000 caregivers were assaulted in 2017, almost twice as many as in 2009 (512) and 2003 (638). 920 doctors declared having been assaulted in 2010. 968 serious incidents (verbal aggression, threats ...) were declared in 2016 by the practitioners. In 2015, 924 doctors were attacked verbally or physically.


6% of physicians who reported having been abused in 2017 are general practitioners, 6% are ophthalmologists and 3% are psychiatrists. New fact: more and more victims are women (51% last year vs 46% in 2016). If the profession of carer is feminized, "for some, women are clearly a target," says Parisian Dr. Hervé Boissin, coordinator of the security observatory at Cnom.

The departments of the North and Bouches-du-Rhone are particularly sensitive, with more than 100 doctors attacked each year. The Moselle, Yvelines, Loire-Atlantique, Var, Vaucluse, Hérault, Haute-Garonne, Isère and Rhone are also at risk, with 21 to 50 doctors attacked each year.

The It is noted that assaults do not only take place in isolated practices, but can also take place in nursing homes.


50% of perpetrators are patients, 15% are people accompanying them. They are generally dissatisfied with the prescribed prescription or waiting time before consultation, which is considered too long.

"To be assaulted while being treated is intolerable, if the extent of the problem is not taken and if nothing is done, we will see doctors leave certain areas, reduce their presence in the evening, no longer make home visit ", alert in The Parisian Alain-Michel Ceretti, President of France Assos Health.

Faced with the explosion of violence against doctors, the coordinator of the Cnom security observatory advocates action by the Ministry of the Interior and, more specifically, the implementation of Reporty, an application that links to distance the doctors to the police.

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