The "deodorant challenge": this new dangerous game popular with teens who worries parents

The new "deodorant challenge" is to burn the skin with an aerosol, sometimes to the point of needing a transplant to repair the damage.

Coming straight from the USA, a new stupid game is wreaking havoc on playgrounds: the deodorant challenge. Designed to test the resistance to pain, it consists of burning the skin by projecting the icy flow of an aerosol a few centimeters from the epidermis. Multiple photos of burns and blisters are now circulating on the Web.

Second degree burns

The gel of the skin via a deodorant destroys the epidermis and the dermis. In addition to pain, such an act predisposes to infection, to skin cancer and may even in some cases require transplants. "To all parents with children, ask them to sit down and look at these pictures, and the very damaging results of the deodorant challenge: the stupid challenge is to spray deodorant on a person for as long as possible. It's quite simple as a formula, but it can cause serious health problems as you can see, as well as second-degree burns, so in the photos you can see my daughter's arm after three weeks and now, Doctors believe she will need a skin graft, "says a mother on the Internet.

This is not the first time a challenge of this kind has reached Europe. The Condom Snorting Challenge, which consists of sniffing a condom through a nostril to bring it out by mouth, has recently made the buzz on social networks. Few things can yet be introduced into the nose without it being dangerous. For example, sniffing chocolate powder can cause irritation of the nose, throat and lungs. Putting a condom from the nose to the mouth by sucking it can also, among other things, cause violent pain, allergies, infections and constitute a serious risk of suffocation.

Rejuvenation of risky behavior

Let's also mention the "Ice and salt challenge", which aims to apply salt and ice on the skin to cause painful burns, or the "Neknomination" which involves filming himself by drinking a glass of alcohol dry before put three more people to the challenge. The macabre "Blue whale challenge" pushes teenagers to take on 50 more and more violent challenges - to write a word on his hand, to listen to sad songs in the middle of the night, to scarify himself - to suicide. At least 130 young Russians have already died there.
Adolescents have always liked to experiment with their own limits, but today we are witnessing a rejuvenation of these behaviors, which are now gaining the benefits of primary and nursery schools, with sometimes dramatic consequences. The infamous headscarf game, in which children block their breathing until they faint, causes fatal accidents every year.

To quantify the popularity and prevalence of this practice among the youngest, researchers conducted a study in 25 schools of the Academy of Toulouse. Their work, published in Pediatric Archives, reveal that one in four CE1 and CE2 students are engaged in this "game" - either strangling with a scarf, scarf or lace, or holding their breath to choking ("play"). tomato "). These numbers vary from school to school, with differences ranging from 16% to 75%.

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