Anxiety: from when should you worry?

It is not always easy to sort through the black ideas that generate the human brain. Suffering from anxiety is sometimes suffering from real illnesses, such as obsessions, tics, phobias or panic disorders. There, no hesitation, the problem is obvious and the classic treatment. This is not the case of the trivial anxiety suffered by 5 million French people. With an obsession to have: anxiety must never rhyme with suffering!

It is said that there is no creativity without anxiety and, without it, we could have been deprived of Schumann, Gide or Michael Jackson ... But for some happy elected officials who find in the success the right return of their discomfort, there are 5 million French for whom the symptom is much less funny and productive. The problem is that in the banal form of anxiety, no one dares to speak of a symptom. It would be the ransom of modern life. However, "to have the balls", "to get caught guts" or "to have the stomach knotted", it can very well turn into disease. We are no longer talking about anxiousness but anxious illness. A nuance that does not always perceive the one who suffers, but that the entourage is often able to express. So the whole debate is whether it's normal or not. Normality is a concept that often comes up when it comes to consulting for a psychic problem whereas it is easy to demonstrate that normality is a very futile notion: a bone in the nose in Papua is a normal jewel ... well, try at your next business meeting and you'll see what normality is!

Anxiety must not become pain

In fact, it is absolutely necessary to know that as soon as the anxiety becomes suffering, it must be studied and, of course, treated. Should we consult a psychiatrist? Not necessarily, because the generalist is often the privileged interlocutor who knows you best, but who may not have had the time to feel the discomfort. By expressing him, he will be able to judge the degree of severity and decide himself to be helped or not by a specialist. Because, it is necessary to know that the treatment is effective in nearly 90% of the cases, which can not say all the sectors of the medicine. This treatment is based on the careful analysis of anxiety to find the triggering causes real, often poorly appreciated, and especially prevent panic attacks. And then, there are drugs, tranquilizers when the suffering is too strong, antidepressants in some forms, especially phobias and betablockers for the stage of an examination or interview. In no case will it be long, almost instantaneous treatments for beta-blockers, six months maximum for antidepressants and a few weeks for tranquilizers.

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