Viruses, infections: how to avoid catching the first colds?

Summer is officially over. The temperatures will begin to fall and our body, very sensitive to these variations, will not escape the many viruses and infections. Fortunately, simple actions can avoid catching the most famous of them: the cold.

Clogged nose and / or runny nose, headache, fever, sore throat, sneezing and coughing: catching a cold is never pleasant. Prevention is better than cure, and here are some things to do.

To blow your nose

The first of them is to take good care of his nose. Ultra-sensitive, it is he who warms the air, when the outside temperature drops, to protect the lungs. It also traps dust and microbes to fight against infections through the mucous membrane, a secret membrane that protects us.

However, this activity weakens it and promotes the secretion of mucus that obstruct the nose. And when the mucosa is irritated, viruses can more easily infiltrate. Blowing your nose regularly helps to clear the nostrils and prevent the development of infections such as colds. Saline or seawater sprays can be used to wash your nose.

Wash your hands regularly

The cold is a very contagious viral disease. It is transmitted in two ways: direct, person-to-person (by postilions, kissing, talking, sneezing or by hands), and indirect, by objects contaminated by other sick people (metro, keyboard). computer, cutlery ...).

Here again, we are never too preventive, either to avoid falling ill or to transmit his illness. You should wash your hands regularly, use disposable tissues when sneezing or hide your mouth when coughing. The French are four in ten to wash their hands more often in order not to get sick. They are right: 80% of bacteria and viruses are transmitted by the hands.

Eat well, cover yourself and play sports

Another important parameter is the temperature of the rooms. These must be between 18 ° C and 20 ° C to avoid excessive temperature differences. The rooms should be ventilated regularly and avoid that the ambient atmosphere is too dry.

Finally, some other rules are added to avoid catching cold. You have to eat fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamin C, to fight the viruses of the winter. It is necessary to dress warmly and to protect the extremities (head, hands and feet). The practice of sport also has benefits in preventing winter infections infections.

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