In 2019: finished the hole of social security?

Since the time that successive governments announced it, social security accounts should finally return to the green at the end of next year.

It had been 18 years since 2001 that social security had not benefited. It should reach the positive balance of 700,000 euros, by the end of 2019 according to the health minister Agnès Buzyn and the Minister of Public Accounts Gerald Darmanin, who have both detailed the plan of the bill of financing of the Security (PLFSS) in front of the press this Tuesday.

The counterparties

Obviously the hole of the social security will not be solved alone, to reach this result, several measures were put in place by the government. Some of which require a lot of effort for the French population especially for retirees, already impacted by the increase in the CSG (social contribution generalized).

First of all, these savings will come from the low revaluation of the old-age pension and family benefits, which will increase by only 0.3%, while inflation is expected to be 1.6%. should save 1.8 billion euros in 2019.
800 million savings are also expected from hospitals and 1.1 billion savings will be made on drugs, thanks in particular to the proliferation of prescriptions for generic drugs.

These drugs, some of which are still doubtful about efficacy, will be mandatorily prescribed by doctors who will have to explain themselves if they put on their prescriptions the words "non-substitutable". If the patient wants to buy non-generic drugs at all costs, he will have to pay the price difference on the basis of the generic price. We do not know yet how this last measure will be put in place.

The totality of these savings of the Health Insurance will return to 3.8 billion euros (against 4.2 billion in 2018) explains the newspaper The Parisian.

With @agnesbuzyn for the press conference presenting the Social Security Financing Bill for 2019.

- Gérald DARMANIN (@GDarmanin) September 25, 2018

New devices

However, the health system will also benefit from an authorization to increase spending on health insurance (theOndam) of 2.5% against + 2.3% in 2018, ie a sum of 450 million euros, according to the magazine the echoes.
This should make it possible to set up prevention measures for young people, extend the extension of influenza vaccination, create assistant positions for private doctors and create local health facilities. Several measures revealed by Emmanuel Macron, Tuesday, September 18 during the presentation of his reform called "My health 2022, a collective commitment".

"The remainder at zero charge", the reimbursement by Health Insurance and complementary glasses, dental prostheses and hearing aids, one of the flagship promises of the campaign of the President, should also be implemented gradually until 2021 .

In a survey Odoxa realized in for the Parisian / Today in France in 2016, before the presidential elections, the majority of the French considered that health insurance was a "good health system" but 60% of respondents thought it was important to reform the system in depth, advocating in particular the development of generic medicines. This is today done.

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