A Frenchman of 270kg risks amputation after being stuck for a year in his living room

Sentenced to live in the main room of his home for a year because of his obesity, a Lorrain of 270kg has just been hospitalized in a serious condition. His legs are covered with wounds and about twenty maggots have been found in his foot. He risks amputation.

The story of Didier Keinerknecht is one of a long and painful descent into hell. A story that is not over because he is in the process of hospitalization and risk of amputation of the left leg after suffering the same fate as for his right foot two years ago.

A road accident and an accident at work

It all began in the early 90's. Didier Keinerknecht was 18 years old when, at the end of his military service, he suffered a road accident on his motorcycle. An accident that earned him a right knee injury. Problem, it heals badly and causes him difficulties to walk.

Three years later, the ordeal continues. New accident, at work this time. "He fell into a rut and his bad leg took," recalls his mother who tells his story to Republican East.

An operation that goes wrong

In the wake, Didier is operated but again, it does not happen as expected. There are complications and he is unable to bend his right leg. Didier hardly goes out anymore and starts to gain weight. He ends up reaching the bar of 270 kilos.

In December 2016, the situation degenerates and Didier must undergo amputation of his right foot. Following this operation, he joined the Rehabilitation Institute of Nancy where he stayed 6 months.

Stuck in the main room of his home

"Then he had to seek emergency housing," says his mother. Finally, she finally found him a ground floor apartment in the town of Frouard (Meurthe-et-Moselle).

Problem: in this new apartment, Didier is stuck in the main room. Because of his obesity, he is unable to walk through the doors of the house. Impossible for him to go to the toilet, in his kitchen, his bathroom ... But also impossible for him to continue his rehabilitation.

Impossible to move

His mother then seeks all the means to find him a suitable accommodation. She comes to write to the Secretary of State for Persons with Disabilities. But all this gives no result. According to her, it is because of the curator of his son who would have blocked any change of apartment for financial reasons.

An explanation that does not share the mutual territorial union of Lorraine (UTML), employer of the curator since part in retirement. "We have not managed to create a relationship of trust with the mother who has defeated some solutions that we could have put in place," says a UTML official.

"Twenty maggots in his left foot"

Meanwhile, Didier's situation gets worse. That of his home, first. "There are roaches, there is also mold in some places," says Anne-Marie Wechtler, the nurse who comes to her feet care every morning. That of his state of health, on the other hand. "He has sores on his legs but we can not clean them effectively, it's a hellish circle, he really needs help, it's time to move," she says.

After having unsuccessfully alerted her doctor and the Nancy Hospital this summer, the nurse ended up winning. Didier was hospitalized a few days ago in a serious condition. "The medical team then discovered that he had about twenty maggots in his left foot," says the nurse. He risks amputation.

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