The pirate heart singer confides on her body dysmorphophobia

Dysmorphophobia is a psychological disorder characterized by excessive obsession with a defect in appearance. On Instagram, the singer Pirate Heart has confessed to suffer.

"My clothes are choking / I'm not coming out of my house, we've talked a lot about mental health these days, and I know I'm not alone in it, I know that Instagram is cool and I seem to show that it's ok but it's often a huge source of triggers, especially because I do not always control what is presented to me ". On her Instagram account, the singer Pirate Heart, jury of the New star on M6, confided on the body dysmorphophobia of which she suffers.

For psychiatrists who write successive DSMs, dysmorphophobia is a psychological disorder characterized by a preoccupation or an excessive obsession with a defect in appearance, even if it is a real slight imperfection (weight problem, big nose, wrinkles, acne, scars ...), even delirious. "What defines body dysmorphism is the obsessive nature of the physical defect," says addictologist Dr. Laurent Karila.

A phobic symptom

This syndrome affects a little less than 2% of the general population and affects men as well as women. The first symptoms appear in adolescence but the diagnosis is often made around the thirties. The symptoms are a deep self-loathing, which leads to an obsession for his image.
In some patients, the exaggeration of defects leads to withdrawal behaviors, or even social phobia. Others avoid mirrors or spend their time looking at themselves (idem for selfies), wear makeup, dress excessively to hide their appearance, repeat regimes or abuse cosmetic surgery.

In addition, chronic anxiety, panic attacks and depression are often associated with body dysmorphophobia. "Dysmorphophobia is a phobic symptom, which is more likely to be neurotic, but like any neurotic symptom, depending on its intensity and the importance it takes in the balance of a personality, it can take the form of a delirious symptom ", also explains in Express the psychoanalyst Pascal Couder.

Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy is recommended

"I do not talk about it often (...) If you're like me, it's important to disconnect from the media that is problematic and to recharge your batteries to protect yourself," says Pirate's Heart. And to conclude in English: "if something triggers you, recognize your limits and take care of yourself".

To overcome this condition, Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy is recommended, and may possibly be associated with antidepressant treatment. "As for depression, the psychiatrist or psychologist works on cognitive distortions, that is to say the distorted thinking patterns that induce in the patient toxic behaviors," concludes Dr. Laurent Karila.

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