Tuberculosis: human skeletons discovered in a garden

Human bones were discovered by workers in a garden in Saint-Denis-d'Anjou in Mayenne. According to the mayor of the commune, it could be women who died of tuberculosis after the Second World War.

Big shock for the owners of a pavilion in the village of Saint-Denis-d'Anjou (Mayenne). While they were doing work for their future pool, they fell on human bones in the ground. And according to the mayor of this small town, this is not the first time that it happens.

The bones date from more than fifty years ago

It was while digging in a concrete slab that the workers made this macabre discovery. The owners of the house then contacted the authorities and experts and a doctor came to examine the bones. According to initial findings, the bones date from more than fifty years ago.

"There would be two or three skeletons, we think it's the mother and the two daughters, these bones are certainly more than fifty years old, they do not date back to prehistoric times, but Unfortunately contemporary history, "says Roger Guédon, mayor of Saint-Denis-d'Anjou France Blue Mayenne. According to him, these women might have been killed by tuberculosis. After the Second World War, the disease had hit the village and young girls from the family of the previous owners of the house had been affected. "We thought they had been in a sanatorium in Normandy, but we do not know more," says the mayor.

Tuberculosis killed 1.7 million people in 2017

The bones were sent to the Criminal Investigation Institute of the National Gendarmerie in Paris for further investigation. Tuberculosis, the most common affliction of the lungs, but sometimes also of the kidneys, glands and bones, is the most deadly infectious disease in the world. In 2017, it killed 1.6 million people, according to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO).

That is why, at the end of September, the United Nations gathered in New York to raise $ 1.3 billion in the hope of eradicating this disease by 2030 and making it easier to obtain drugs at lower costs. . Because tuberculosis occurs mainly in environments suffering from malnutrition, poor sanitation, overcrowding and lack of medical follow-up, sufferers generally live in very poor countries.

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