Hygiene and ecology: drying your hands to save the planet

It is a simple gesture and yet it helps fight against waste and consume fewer resources. The electric hand dryer is the preferred solution after hand washing.

According to a survey conducted by the Harris Interactive Institute for JVD, a company specializing in hygiene in public places, more than one in three French considers the electric hand dryer as the solution that consumes the least resources. And that's the case ! Indeed, the electric hand dryer can have nothing to throw.

The electric hand dryer, the green solution and the most pleasant

A popular solution since 8 out of 10 French consider that the electric hand dryer is the best suited to public places such as shopping centers, gas stations, bars and restaurants. "It's a contactless and wasteless solution," says Damien M, manager of a Parisian café. "With a dryer, no risk of running out of paper!" He adds. "The electric hand dryer is the drying solution that we particularly recommend to our customers," explains Thierry Launois, CEO of JVD. "Hand dryers can combine efficiency, hygiene, cost savings and energy savings, especially for forced-air models," he adds.

When it comes to drying hands, the French have the right reflex. 40% say they prefer electric hand dryers they find more pleasant, against 32% who prefer paper towels and 24% who opt for cloth towels. "Electric hand dryers are particularly pleasant when the cold weather arrives and you have to protect your hands from aggression at all costs!" Explains Valentine B, a Bayonne student.

Hand dryers are the best alternative to paper dispensers but also an ideal solution to reduce the ecological footprint. Indeed, while a tonne of paper requires 17 trees, its manufacture and transport are very important generators of CO2.

The English newspaper The Guardian recently made a comparison of electric hand dryers to determine which one is the most environmentally friendly. The Airblade Dyson is the winner of this study because of its ability not to heat the air but to blow hard, making it more efficient than conventional hand dryers.

Wash your hands, always a good reflex

In addition, this survey reveals that 91% of French people have a habit of washing their hands after using public toilets. A good reflex that becomes less automatic when it comes to washing hands before cooking since it is followed by 67% of French. Only one in two (47%) French people are used to washing their hands and only 24% of them do so when they arrive at their place of work.

Finally, with the winter approaching and the cold already installed, viruses spread. Washing your hands is an essential reflex to not get sick. Indeed, 80% of microbes are transmitted by the hands. The frequent use of hand wash or disinfectant gel is then the right reflex, especially at work so as not to catch the viruses of colleagues.

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