The flu vaccine is already out of stock

The flu vaccine is already out of stock in many pharmacies.

Fewer pharmacies can vaccinate against the flu, lack of supply. "I can confirm that there is a shortage at the national level, the pharmacies that have ordered enough of them still have them in stock, but others do not have any anymore, and it is impossible to recommend them because 'There are more of them in the wholesalers', explains in The Parisian Carine Wolf-Thal, President of the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists.

The number of vaccinations is rising

From a medical point of view, it is paradoxically good news. While the vaccination coverage rate has been declining in recent years in France, the trend seems to be reversed this winter. In new Aquitaine for example, the number of vaccinations is up 20% since the beginning of autumn. Being able to be vaccinated in pharmacies now in some test regions seems to be working well, as is the communication of public authorities in this area.

"It's a success: 620,000 people came to the pharmacy, which is very encouraging because it reaches out to other audiences, especially seniors, who do not necessarily visit their doctor and for whom it is simpler. to push the door of their neighborhood pharmacy ", adds Carine Wolf-Thal.

"The influenza virus mutates permanently"

According to the latest weekly epidemiological bulletin, two different influenza viruses followed last year: the "A (H1N1) virus pdm09" and the "Yamagata virus B lineage". The vaccine was effective against the first, but not against the second. The number of influenza-like illness visits during the epidemic was therefore estimated at nearly 2.4 million, with a large excess mortality (17,000 deaths).

"The influenza virus mutates constantly, in a perfectly random way.Many mutated viruses escape the immune response, and can infect people who have already had the flu.In this sense, even if adjusted annually, the vaccine against the disease can not be 100% effective, "explains Bruno Lina, professor of virology at Lyon 1 University and Head of Service at Hospices Civils de Lyon.

People at risk

"It is precisely because the vaccine is not completely effective that it is imperative that all people who have received the voucher be vaccinated, just like their entourage.This must allow them to constitute a kind cocoon protection against the flu around the most fragile people, "he continues.

In this way, the public authorities aim to vaccinate citizens at risk against the flu as much as possible, in order to prevent them from dying and the epidemic from spreading. We are talking here about people aged 65 and over, pregnant women, people suffering from pathologies that are fragile (asthma, obesity ...), the entourage of people at risk, the entourage of children under two years old (parents, adults parents, nannies ...) and all health professionals likely to transmit the influenza virus to their patients.

Administered between mid-October and the end of December, the flu vaccine gives protection 10 to 15 days after the injection, at least until the following winter.

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