Cholesterol: after Christmas, rates rise

Danish researchers measured cholesterol levels just after the Christmas holidays. Result: they are 20% higher than in summer.

Foie gras, log, petits fours, turkey ... The end of year holiday meals are not really made to lose weight. The following days often act as a detox to recover from excesses. Moreover, all this food, usually coupled with a lot of alcohol, increases the risk of a myocardial infarction.

9 out of 10 people have a high rate in the aftermath of Christmas

Danish researchers are interested in the consequences of these agape on cholesterol and the result is without appeal. By analyzing more than 25,000 people, the researchers concluded that cholesterol levels after the holiday season are 20% higher than they are in summer. Researchers estimate that the risk of having high cholesterol is six times higher after Christmas meals. The results of their study have been published in the international journal Atherosclerosis.

The study found that nine out of ten participants have high cholesterol levels after Christmas. "Our study shows that cholesterol is influenced by the fatty foods we eat at Christmas," says Dr. Anne Langsted, one of the authors of the study. "The fact that so many people have high cholesterol levels right after the Christmas holidays is very surprising."

Expect to have high cholesterol

The researchers say that if you have to see a doctor right after Christmas, it's better to be prepared for the announcement of cholesterol levels higher than usual. "The risk of having high cholesterol is high if you go to a doctor and have your cholesterol analyzed right after Christmas, which is important to be aware of, both for the doctors who treat high cholesterol and for those who want to keep their cholesterol levels low, "she says.

Too high a cholesterol level in the blood can cause obstruction of the arteries, increasing the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Hypercholesterolemia is also the cause of a heart attack in two, according to the French Federation of Cardiology. In France, nearly one in five people have too much cholesterol in their blood, most often men.

To recover from Christmas meals

To recover from all this food during the holidays, following detox diets is not necessarily the best solution. Better to make simple and start by avoiding the remains of Christmas meals to not continue to store. Favoring light meals, getting hydrated, avoiding alcohol and exercising are the best ways to get over these excess food and extra pounds as quickly as possible.

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