Do our parents influence our love life?

Education and family history influence sexuality and love relationships from an early age.

Parents, and more generally the family, have an essential influence on behavior through education and the model they refer to. It is therefore normal that sexuality, from adolescence, is influenced more or less unconsciously by parents.

The love story of parents as a reference

The parental relationship is a reference for the child from an early age. For him, it is an essential example of a sensitive period of his psychological construction.

Depending on this model, he may then decide to follow more or less unconsciously a similar relationship, or to completely reject this vision of the couple.

Is it an inevitable influence?

Even if the parental model remains the basis of the idea that everyone has of the couple, its influence varies according to the will to comply or not. Difficult family history, divorce or infidelity can influence the child to differentiate himself by choosing a relationship that does not resemble that of his parents.

His influence is therefore insidious and can manifest itself in case of difficulties in his own couple or scenarios of failure that are repeated without clear explanations.

How to take a step back?

A psychological or psycho-genealogical follow-up using a genosociogram (family tree made up of family psychological events) makes it possible to do a symbolic work to free oneself from the history of one's ancestors.

Even if the parental couple remains a reference, it is still possible to reclaim his story to find his own love trajectory and free himself from his influence in the choice of his partner and his sexuality.

To find out more: Marie-Geneviève Thomas, "Psychogenealogy, the invisible heritage", Edition Jouvence.

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