Mick Jagger operated, nurses make the buzz and 3 million French without mutual: the three news of the day

The singer of the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger will be operated on the heart, nurses are the buzz by singing their distress and another 3 million French without mutual: this is the news of the day.

Mick Jagger: what will be his open heart surgery?

Stupor at the fans of the Rolling Stones. On Saturday, March 30, the English group announced in the press cancel a series of concerts planned for the spring in the United States and Canada. At issue: the state of health of his singer Mick Jagger, 75 years old. "Mick has been warned by the doctors that he will not be able to continue the tour because he needs medical treatment.The doctors told Mike that he had to get back on his feet before he could hope to come back on stage. as soon as possible, "the group said in a statement posted on Twitter. The following here.

"Anger in the catheter": nurses make the buzz by singing their distress

The song is an SOS: the emergency staff of the Hospital Center of Valencia alert public opinion about the lack of resources at the hospital and the elimination of posts. Posted on social networks Tuesday, March 26, it already exceeds one million views. Watch the video here.

Mutuelles: three million French do not have complementary health

Three million people in France do not have supplementary insurance for their health costs. The Directorate of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) publishes the second edition of its "Panorama of complementary health". The document shows that despite the generalization of business supplements, part of the population remains un-covered. Our article here.

Video: A Day In the Sky,. - news full video (November 2019).