A woman wakes up after 27 years in coma

This case will give hope to families of patients in coma. An Emirati woman regained consciousness after 27 years in a deep coma following a serious brain injury.

It was his son who announced the good news this Wednesday, April 24. Mounira Omar, an Emirati in a coma for almost 3 decades, just woke up inexplicably. It's a circulation accident who plunged this woman into a long coma: Mounira Omar was then only 32 years old and was driving her 4 year old son at the time to school in the city of al-Ain. But her car is hit by a bus, and she suffers serious brain damage. Fortunately, the little boy got out with a bruise on his head. While the doctors were not very confident about the chances of seeing her mother wake up, he told her never lost hope.

A case "very unusual"

"Many doctors told us not to expect much after 15 or 20 years in a coma, but I never accepted that," Omar told AFP, who is now 32. . The doctor Friedemann Müller, who was taking care of Mounira Omar in a hospital in Germany where she had been transferred, speaks to him of a "awake coma"She would actually be in an intermediate stage between coma and consciousness." Before she woke up, she was in a "minimal state of consciousness," according to the doctor, which he considers a very unusual case: "in a" awake coma ", the patients can open their eyes, but not in a coma (traditional). She could look at something briefly and especially clearly react to seeing her son's face. "This awakening after more than 20 years is a kind of miracle, which gives hope for many people whose loved ones are in the same situation. Normally, "no patient wakes up from a coma after 27 years"

How to keep people in coma in this minimal state of consciousness? "I would advise relatives to keep in touch with patients," Friedemann Müller told the German newspaper Der Spiegel. According to him, contact is the most important: show the patient that he is surrounded "Talk to them again and again, expose them to new stimuli, mobilize them and watch them closely." It would be partly thanks to the skills of the staff of this hospital that Mounira Omar was able to wake up. In fact, they regularly gave her regular physiotherapy sessions, supplemented by medication for epilepsy.

In a stable state today

It was in 2018 that Mounira Omar woke up, but the family did not want to communicate this to the media immediately. "We wanted to see his condition stabilize before publicizing our experience," said his son. Now 60, the mother is "in a stable state". It obviously follows from many treatments, physiotherapy and therapy, in the United Arab Emirates.

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