How to save his couple?

Saving one's relationship requires commitment and dialogue.

The life of a couple is far from being a long calm river. Between the routine, the disputes and the difficulties of everyday life, the love story can capsize. When the break threatens, we must act to save his couple.


When you feel hurt by the behavior or words of your partner, the first reflex is to retreat on oneself. Yet it is communication that can overcome problems together and find solutions.
To save the couple, communication should allow everyone to expose the difficulties honestly without keeping resentment. Even if solutions are hard to come by, maintaining the dialogue at all costs helps to improve the situation and revive feelings.

Change your routine

The routine can be comfortable but it can also move away from his spouse. Being able to question oneself to make room for novelty in the couple can save love and make you want to be together.
Organizing a romantic surprise weekend, trying sex games, wearing different clothes or trying new activities together can surprise and make the idea of ​​separation disappear.

Ask a professional

A professional outward look can be a help for some couples who fail to discuss or find a way out of their problems. If the dialogue is completely broken or can not be done without animosity, a couple therapist can help address the issues more calmly and neutrally.
This is not a failure, but rather a desire to save his couple in search of solutions that will revive the flame and make it last if it is still possible.
To find out more: "Who are these happy couples ?: Overcoming the crises and conflicts of the couple", Yvon Dallaire, Poche editions.

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