Erectile dysfunction: men are less productive at work

A recent survey shows that erectile dysfunction has psychological consequences for men, which is reflected in working life.

According to a recent study in six countries (Germany, Brazil, China, Spain, France, Italy) 49.7% of men are affected by erectile dysfunction. To reach this conclusion, the authors of the study asked 52,000 men aged 40 to 70 to answer questionnaires aimed at indicating the frequency of their erections and their possible difficulties in maintaining it, over a six-year period. month.

At any age, very many men sometimes experience "sexual breakdowns". These are most often related to fatigue, stress, various concerns, alcohol intake or problems with their partner.

These occasional "worries" do not, however, constitute erectile dysfunction itself. Erectile dysfunction is when the inability to obtain or maintain sexual intercourse for a period of at least 3 months.

More absenteeism at work

As shown by the results of this new study published in theInternational Journal of Clinical Practice, erectile dysfunction can be accompanied by a real psychological malaise for the patient.

Of the 49.7% of men with erectile dysfunction (all countries combined), 71% reported a higher rate of absenteeism at work and 24.8% a decrease in productivity.

"Erectile dysfunction is a significant burden in terms of workplace productivity and health-related quality of life, and better care and early detection can help reduce this burden," said the authors. study.

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