Should we remove the time change?

This Sunday, we had to adjust our watches, our clocks, our programmers! We slept an hour less. Poor and annoying wake-up who are deceiving the next week. But this may be the last time, because the enemies of the change of time are more and more numerous and make it known.

We hear everything and its opposite about the consequences. One certainty: we live under the rhythm of our internal clock; of our clocks, who do not like these bi-annual disturbances a lot and make it known to some people. It's going to growl, with the same complaints: "we're tired ... This time change is killing us ... the children are getting sick ..."

Psychic or real?

Everyday medicine would tend to find that these arguments are in the head. In any case, disproportionate for what may seem a detail ... But there is a new discipline of medicine, which is called the "chronobiology" that makes our internal clock a tool a little more sophisticated than we think . And studies suggest that this change of time would be even more disturbing than the jet lag of "east - west" trips that frequent travelers know well and have more and more difficulty to bear as they get older.

We change time twice a year ...

Once in one direction, once in the other: the consequences are not the same in both cases. The worst change is Sunday. Because it deprives us of an hour of sleep, unlike the other who adds one. And then it does not take place during school holidays, so without the possibility of settling quietly.

Only one study, Swedish, says that there would be an increase in heart attacks in the three days following this period against 5% less during the transition to winter time ... There is, apparently There are no similar studies in our country, even though many doctors report an increase in the consumption of sleeping pills and tranquillizers each year within the next fortnight.

The advocates of the formula say that it happens to everyone to go to bed an hour later, to sleep an hour less than usual, from time to time ... And we recover very well

Yet it is different. ! These usual changes are very punctual. " Sometimes ". The next day we resume habits. There, it is repeated every day and it takes time to assimilate this change. Curiously, these are the "early layers" or "early risers", set like music paper that does not support well ... They are lucky enough to have a well-set internal clock. In fact clocks, because they are several who manage all our operation, a clock for meals, one for sleep, one for work ...! As well as one for the secretions of our hormones which explains why certain disturbances of these clocks are easy to see. For example insomnia always at the same time, seasonal nervous breakdowns, or simply fixed period weight gain. This reflects a malfunction of our internal rhythms.

A tip: especially no drugs:

For a week avoid physical exercise and excitement after 15 hours, take the opportunity to see a little comfort of the room - turn TV for example - air, and then especially go to bed, as soon as you feel like it.

For children, it would have taken two days to try to lose half an hour. For them and the elderly, it's a little harder. Warn them to pay attention when playing sports at school because, as for driving, accidents will be more numerous this week ...

For the last time?

However, this probably does not deserve to make a health debate as some would like it to ... Euro-deputies indeed ask the European Commission "a full assessment" of the time change, the benefits contested. Unless in the terms benefits it encompasses the economic benefit of this measure. Another debate than ours.
For this year, we have no choice and in ten days, it should be settled for everyone ... Painful; in no way dangerous.

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